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An Experienced Crafter

What we do…

We design, build and plaster a range of venetian plaster furniture perfect for every home.  Every piece of furniture is hand made from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.  As each piece is handmade no two pieces will ever be identical which ensures your item is completely unique.

What is Venetian Plaster…

Micro Cement is a hygienic, zero VOC and very durable product developed for commercial floor toppings.  It has a high scratch resistance and reaches a very high MPA (measure of compressive strength) in a relatively short time.  The micro cement we use has been developed in conjunction with high grade sealers to achieve a durable Venetian plastered finish.

Who are we…

We are a small locally owned and operated family business located in the Byron Bay region.  We pride ourselves on using recycled and environmentally friendly materials to create the highest quality furniture as a light weight alternative to concrete furniture.

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